Friday, January 28, 2011

Tana Bhagat Movement

One important feature of the Tana Bhagats was their active entanglement with the various Congress sessions, which they attended, and their close association with the important Congress leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Babu Rajendra Prasad. It may also be mentioned that Tana Bhagat movement emphasized active rebellion of their members. They stopped payment of their landlords and ceased ploughing their lands. In addition, the new movement organized ghost-hunting drives at night in an attempt to get rid of evil spirits. It did not take long before the meetings of the Tana Bhagats were regarded with suspicion and exaggerated into disloyal and “illegal” gatherings.
In due course the Tana Bhagat movement broke up into a number of smaller units some of these, like that of Sibu Bhagat were extremists and very orthodox and refused to use cattle and have in general given up the cultivation of land while the other groups are less orthodox and have not given up the use of jewelery
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