Monday, February 7, 2011


Magical practices in India go back to medieval and pre-capitalist society. Magic has specific role in the evoloution of our institutions. It is this evolutionary perspective which led these like any other social institution, has evolved through a long process of development. Magic was perhaps the first stage in the evolutionary phase of development of religion.

In India, the 'civilized' caste aslo took to magical practices and in some cases, these proved more sophisticated that tribas. when there was invasion on Somnath temple, the hindu Rajas invited a group of Brahmins to perform magic so that the invasion could be made effective.

Magic is the technique pf coersion by making use of belief in super-natural power. Sympathetic or imitative magic use of belief in supernatural power. Sympathetic or imitative magic supposes that an action commited upon something that stand for person or a thing will have the desired effect upon the actual person or things.

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